From 2000 to 2006, Malcolm in thé Middle dominated the television world with the hilarious cast and strong family values. The show stars Frankie Muniz ont the titular Malcolm, an intelligent garçon navigating sapin with his chaotic working-class family: dad Hal (Brian Cranston), mom lois (Jane Kaczmarek), and brothers Francis (Christopher Masterson), Reese (Justin Berfield), and Dewey (Erik effronté Sullivan). While nous air, Malcolm in auto Middle won 46 awards and was nominated à la 116 overall, so suffice venir say it was a gros deal du a show. It"s been 15 year since the last episode, et while most du the cast has gone nous to play various duties in successful television shows et movies — hello bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad — ventilateur might be wonder what auto actor who plays précis brother Dewey is up à now.

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Erik tout de suite Sullivan to be a sought-after child actor throughout the séries run. Because he"s now an adult, whereby is he et is hey still acting? Let"s discover out je vous demande pardon happened venir Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle.

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During et after Erik effronté Sullivan"s time as Dewey nous Malcolm in the Middle, he continued to act. Auto same year Malcolm in thé Middle kicked off, he played thé role du Miles, thé son of the henn character in the horror-thriller Wendigo. This function was quite different from Sullivan"s happy-go-lucky character nous Malcolm. In 2001, hey played Little léger Dirt in Joe Dirt, a movie starring David Spade that tells the story of léger Dirt"s upbringing and how hey finds his biological parent after they abandonnent him at the grand Canyon. Sullivan also had a semi-major role as Charlie Sumner in Unfaithful, starring Richard Gere (Pretty Woman) et Diane roadway (Zack Snyder"s judiciaire League). Lane stars oui Connie, a seemingly happy wife that meets a stranger et becomes obsessed v him.

In 2004, Sullivan had actually a duty in vacation favorite Christmas with the Kranks, starring heure Allen (Home Improvement), Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween), Dan Aykroyd (Ghostbusters), et M. Emmet Walsh (Critters). Sullivan plays a pesky neighborhood kid named pic Frohmeyer, also thé son de the ward boss ns the neighborhood, Vic Frohmeyer (Aykroyd).

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In 2003, Erik per Sullivan landing a voice function in Pixar"s Finding Nemo, a movie about a petit clownfish named Nemo who has actually a bum finir and an overprotective father, Marlin (Albert Brooks). Once Nemo is caught by a diver, Marlin walk on an adventure to importer him back. Sullivan theatre Sheldon, a cute signification littérale seahorse kid in Nemo"s class. Sheldon appears in a couple of scenes, cible the many memorable is most likely the une where thé character call a watercraft a "butt." If there"s any type of scene in the cinématique where ventilateurs would be most likely venir recognize Sullivan"s voice, it"s more than likely that one.

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Sullivan"s voice function in Finding Nemo is small but allowed the to gain a various kind de experience as a voice actor. Cette also lent his voice to auto 2003 Finding Nemo vidéo game, oz again taking conditions météorologiques the role of young Sheldon.

Post-Malcolm in thé Middle, Erik effronté Sullivan would aller on to play various duties such as The Little garçon in auto short Once Not tarif From Home about two enfants who discover année old loger that holds secrets to their future. Auto short received positive reviews by showing that true love can critical forever. Cette also played the titular duty in 2006"s Mo, a comedy-drama about a garçon named missouri who has actually a genetic mutant called Marfan syndrome. Missouri must come à terms through his distinctions with his parent"s support.

Since then, Sullivan has only appeared in une other project, a 2010 film called Twelve about drugs, a wealthy coporation, groupe of jeune kids, and murder. Sullivan theatre the petit role de Timmy. Because then, cette looks prefer he"s retired from acting et begun venir move in a different direction (per Legit).

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As for Sullivan"s an individual life, cette looks choose there is année Instagram account that cette might personally post on, but it"s unclear. Beyond that, over there is signification littérale known about je vous demande pardon he"s been up to since his acclaimed role as Dewey in Malcolm, which shoot him à stardom parce que le his breakout performance.