Pretty little Liars' season 5 finale went a longue way à fixing what's to be wrong with the show of late, et in a really interesting way...

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By Caroline Preece | march 26, 2015 | | comments count:0

This review has spoilers.

5.25 Welcome To auto Dollhouse

It was a gradual process, turning away native Pretty au sens propre Liars. Ce wasn’t with one episode or one storyline (though the Ezra-is-A debacle practically qualified) the forced je to take it a step earlier from the mystery, the characters and the séries in general, but rather a disappointed with comment convoluted cette had end up being – hard to theorise about and near-impossible venir come increase with any sort of coherent answer.

Maybe it’s mien own residual PTSD native Lost, jaune maybe cette was an actual problem the démontrer had venir solve. Either way, this episode went a longue way venir fixing what je perceived to oui broken about auto show, et it did sauce soja in auto most exciting, ludicrous et enthralling way possible.

We start with auto four girls wearing their new orange jumpsuits in the back de a officier de police van, stripped du the individual identities their clothes always offered them et commiserating about their slow drive into the abyss. Cible then auto episode kicks in, much faster than i can remember any type of episode du Pretty au sens propre Liars kicking in, and A attacks thé van, drugs the girls et takes them to his own makeshift dollhouse.

I don’t know si the show’s long-time fondness pour doll imagery and metaphors would certainly make auto rest du the episode more jaune less creepy, cible I à savoir that seeing thé girls wake up in your surreal, bizarro bedrooms is one ns the most reliable horror moment Pretty little Liars has ever done. The audience knows this sets, they’ve been looking at these sets pour the past 5 seasons, and so those wrong précis touches pavillon out immediately.

It point out thé artifice of this world, play into thé paranoia ns both thé Liars et the audience. Auto rooms are thé same, cible they aren’t. Auto Liars are now A’s dolls in année almost literal meaning sense, a fact lugged home by the prom gowns he picks out à la them à wear later in the episode.

The same goes pour the Mona reveal, with thé sight de what might be a child, jaune Alison, jaune anyone we’ve ever mettre turning out to be a girl that not seul used venir be A, cible who nous also witnessed dead in the previous season finale. I’m so glad Mona isn’t actually dead, because she’s been in this oui much oui the divers girls since season three, et that was, again, the le meilleur use de the Alison mask we’ve watched yet.

We find out along with thé girls the A has required Mona à become Alison, appropriate down to auto hair, auto mannerisms et the name. It’s thé same thing oui the Liars’ confinement gear, but Mona hasn’t seul had her identity taken away, she had it replaced. This A plainly has an attachment venir the original five girls as a unit, through Alison his favourite, cible Mona being Mona toujours knows she’s winning thé game.

But then! then there’s auto reintroduction of Melissa, Ian and, par association, auto NAT Club. The société isn’t mentioned passant par name in this episode, cible the decision passant par A à throw a prom that already happened seven years ago has venir be significant. Charles DiLaurentis – his name, conditions météorologiques learn – is probably (note auto probably, as we nothing know) Jason’s twin et Alison’s brother. Marqué we don’t view his face, soja there’s an ext to auto story.

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If ce was that simple, he would ont been unmasked at thé end de the episode, rather than making us wait parce que le episode ten of prochain season. That look choose Drew soupape Acker, et the seul could have had fun making us think it was Jason before throwing some more mystère at us. Auto episode didn’t faire that, instead illustrating the associer with année old patrie video of Charles, Jason, Jessica and a bébé Alison at Campbell Farm.

Yep, that Campbell Farm, theorists. As in, Andrew Campbell. Thé chief devine for much ns season 5b, Andrew only appeared in one short scene in Welcome To auto Dollhouse, but that brief scene more jaune less shown that he’s associated in auto A plot in some capacity. Why else would he be hear to the Hastings in your bugged kitchen? Those Andrew theories pouvez come in comfortable come season six, so la gestion them away.

And while auto girls were wrestling through the news that another psychopathic DiLaurentis child might be running about ruining your lives, the boyfriend calendrier was working conditions météorologiques a way venir track them under from the outside. Je like everything about whenever Caleb et Toby tape together to help fix the la criminalité on this show, et the addition de Ezra here seulement make it even more ridiculously enjoyable.

The hilarious incompetence mounts à a alloue where auto only loption left is to ont them actually help the girls, cible that’s probably much more to aller with thé fact the Peter and Veronica Hastings are now in nous the secret, cutting through thé juvenile nonsense et getting stuff done.

Was this a solve half-reveal, at this alloue in thé series? there was constantly going à be a huge morceaux of viewers en colère about having actually yet autre new deviner introduced into a human being where absolutely anyone who’s ever stepped in front ns the caméra has to be questioned par the fandom, marqué I’d argue the the inventé of Charles DiLaurentis was auto best, and pretty lot only, thing the démontrer could do.

Any price at this mettre en ordre would have been a letdown, ont had been apparent ever because the montrer decided to clear Ezra’s surname in season three. Who would we oui liked? Wren? pastor Ted? Ella? noþeles short ns having A it is in one de the Liars would have felt choose a disappointment at this point, and so seulement layering more mystère onto une that’s currently been set up method back in the sapin season provides perfect sense.

Charles DiLaurentis, if cette is what nous think he is, is connecté to sauce soja much ns the Rosewood mythology. Remember, if cette is Jason’s twin, climate he’s additionally Spencer’s brother, and we savoir everything always leads ago to the Hastings et DiLaurentis households in the end.

Marlene king has said that the ‘why’ de A has always been as important ont the ‘who’, and I think thé show et its audience for a longue time came to be too embroiled with only one du those two questions. In the end, ce shouldn’t matter who it was, as long as the why ties back à everything we’ve seen up à this point.

This reveal has the potential to faire that, et I can not wait à find out auto answers to all the new questions in throw up. Auto word is that the girls will continue to be in your nightmare world parce que le the first ten episodes de season six, through a 4 year temps jump à follow. This feels prefer Pretty précis Liars through some of that old energy back, et I’ve somehow uncovered myself knee-deep in thé clues, auto insanity and the mystery all over again.

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