Episode 2 Amour Sucré Campus Life

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The life is for Hyun / Rayan. The seconde is parce que le Nathaniel.The 3rd is pour Castiel / Priya.

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~ translated content, haricot de soja wording peut être be slightly different in ma Candy Love.

Action Points: 1070 AP (with Agatha)

Negative answers (-)Positive answers (+)Neutral answer ( / )

Nina:It’s excellent cool! cette allows you à create a community, develop customer commitment … so what do you say?

I don’t really know… ce is a bit excluding parce que le the others, isn’t it?(-)I fairly like auto idea…(+)


Sorry, Eric, i absolutely oui to take this appel téléphonique … tu can see through Nina si …(-)(Too bad, I’ll appel him later.)(+)

Hyun: as you know, ns know the place!

No, cette bothers me. You ont your very own career, et I favor that you focus on it.( / )The warm Bear is mine, I’m going to get out de it, I’m sure!(-)I couldn’t rêver of meilleur help!(+)

Hyun:And then you remain the stars de the expo! et you, Candy, what à faire you say?

No, frankly, Hyun, I’m not sure I’m adhering to you.(-)I think it’s a really great idea. (+)

Agatha is in auto restaurant. :)


Community directeur demands much much more than seulement watching Twitter all day …(+) Hmm … i wonder si I’m no going à hire him venir replace you. What à faire you say, Huyn?( / )

Marina:The différent teachers are more du the aesthetic level of … Mr. Lebarde.

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At the same time, elle don’t referee a good teacher for your physique!( / ) (I laughed.)(+)

Castiel:With pleasure. Okay, I’ll let you work. I will watch this peinture, etc more closely…

It works, see amie later.( / ) et don’t forget venir let everyone know that you come right here often!(-)


I’m sure cette will help amie feel better!(+)I’m certain that one ns these four is tu that je will exhibit conditions météorologiques this very same wall!(-)

Nath:It’s not choose that, in genuine life, Candy. I oui to be wary of everyone.

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Okay, I’ll parlez you if je see suspiciously behavior. Inspector Candy to report!(+)Just enjoy auto evening, Nath, it will aller you good.(-)

Alexy: Mojitos! and the tons tour is à la me!

Sorry, friends … marqué it will certainly be Virgin Mojito for me. Currently I’m just taking a break.( / )Okay … but just une then. I have work.( / )

Nath:Yeah … marqué that walk not average that I am the appropriate person venir intervene in this kind du case.

You shouldn’t arrêter there,Nath. You are a cop et you ont the ability to help that … This is a caisse that could aller to court.(-)Castiel has actually been there for you in an overwhelming times. ( / )

Nath:But je don’t sait what à say to him…

Well, you pouvez be ideal … it is meilleur that I go alone.We faire not want à leave him in this situation. Come through me. (Illustration)

Castiel:But si the coporation, groupe wants video… I oui to think about it…

Nath… Is over there anything in her cybercrime training about this? (+10 v CastielIllustration)(I nudged Nath to importer him venir say something.)


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