Enceinte de 2-3 semaines

When can je take a pregnancy test?

By auto end of this la semaine you peut être be maybe to importer a positif pregnancy test. Pregnancy essai work par detecting auto presence du a hormone called human being chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in her urine. Most patrie pregnancy test claim venir be accurate conditions météorologiques the work you manquer your period, marqué even then, the amount du hCG in pee at this temps can vary a good deal from one woman to another. If you audit too soon, you may volonté a false an unfavorable pregnancy audit or an unclear an outcome like a pass out line. Si this happens, audit again in a few days.

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Implantation wake up this week

Your developing baby has travelled down auto fallopian tube et is starting to implant itself in auto lining of your uterus. At this time, 15 to 25 percent of women suffer implantation bleeding, which is a light bleeding the happens about six venir 12 work after conception. You peut faire feel implantation cramps ont well.

Early pregnancy symptoms

Most ladies don"t feeling anything until they"ve missed a period, marqué you peut faire notice bloating, cramping, or spotting this week. Her breasts peut être also be much more tender 보다 usual et you may have a heightened sense ns smell, one du the earliest pregnant symptoms. So if your partner, her house, or your dog unexpectedly smells different to you, say thanks to your surge hormones.

3 weeks is comment many months?

You"re in your tons month!


Baby advance at le 3 weeks

Your farming baby

Your developing baby is a tiny sphere (called a blastocyst) de several hundred cells that are multiplying et burrowing into thé lining of your uterus. The cells in the middle will certainly become thé embryo. Auto cells nous the exterior will become auto placenta, auto pancake-shaped body organ that delivers oxygen et nutrients venir your baby and carries away waste.

Connecting venir you

Your au sens propre blastocyst is receiving oxygen et nutrients (and discarding waste) v a primitive circulation system made up de microscopic tunnels that affix your developing bébé to the du sang vessels in your uterine wall. Auto placenta will ultimately take over this job around auto end ns the tons trimester.

Having twins?

It’s as well soon à know. Cible it’s still drôle to see quel fraternal pair look prefer in thé womb this week. You can also learn around your likelihood ns having twins or more.


Your baby at le 3 weeksTap the reconnaissance for an ext details
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3 mainly pregnant body

Early pregnancy hormones

The cell that will become thé placenta are pumping out the pregnancy hormone hCG. It tells your ovaries to arrêter releasing eggs et keep developing progesterone, which prevents your uterus native shedding the lining – et its tiny passenger. Oz there"s enough hCG in her urine, you"ll importer a positive pregnancy audit result.

Fluids room filling her uterus

Amniotic fluid is beginning à collect within thé amniotic sac. This liquid will cushion your baby in the weeks and months ahead, and it’s what may come gushing out du you si your water breaks before or throughout labor.


Pregnancy symptoms during principale 3

No pregnant symptoms?

Some women feel pregnant even antérieur à the juge is positive, but most don"t notification anything yet. Si you have symptoms this week, some of them peut faire feel prefer PMS. Don"t worry if you don"t feeling anything yet. Also at 5 main pregnant, only half du women feel pregnant symptoms.

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Gas and bloating

The hormone progesterone relaxes muscles throughout your body, including in your digestive tract. These calm muscles slow down digestion, which can lead to gas and bloating and create uncomfortable sensations in your gut. Around half de pregnant women experience constipation at some point during your pregnancy. Venir keep things moving, remain hydrated and eat high-fiber foodstuffs like totality grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Sore breasts

Many ladies say that the tenderness they feeling is an exaggerated déditions of comment their breasts feel antérieur à a period. Some women also an alert their nipples getting darker throughout pregnancy.


One in four jaune five women an alert a petit amount ns spotting this week. This is known ont implantation bleeding because cette happens around thé time auto fertilized egg implants in auto uterus. (If elle have pain along through bleeding, appel téléphonique your medical care provider automatically because this can be a authorize of an ectopic pregnancy.)

Basal body temperature stays high

If you"re charting her temperature, it should remain elevated this week. à keep track, use a basal corps humain thermometer and take her temperature after tu wake up in the morning, avant you importer out ns bed.

Pregnancy checklist at 3 weeks pregnant

Pay attentif to her emotions

When you"re waiting to learn whether you"re pregnant jaune not, or just finding out, it"s ordinaire to be more anxious than usual. Si you"re emotion stressed jaune worried, talk à your partner jaune a trusted friend. Or, try writing down everything that"s bothering you. Journaling deserve to improve her emotional well-being, mental clarity, et even physics health.

Avoid overheating

Hot baths are okay throughout pregnancy as long ont they aren"t also hot. Cible avoid vapor baths, chaud tubs, et saunas. Elevated corps temperature, especially at an early stage in pregnancy, has actually been associated with an increased risk de neural rus defects in babies.

Eat nutritious meals et snacks

Eat foodstuffs that support conception and pregnancy such oui fruits et vegetables, low-mercury fish, et whole grains. Choose foods include vitamin C (like strawberries, citrus fruits, bell peppers, et tomatoes), acier (like beef, poultry, soy products, et spinach), et calcium (like Greek yogurt, strengthened cereal, et pasteurized cheese). à la snack ideas, examine out 10 de our favori healthy snacks pour expecting moms.

Cut down nous coffee

While you"re trying à conceive and once you importer pregnant, spécialiser recommend limiting your intake de caffeine venir about one cup de coffee a day. It"s considérable to watch her consumption ns coffee and caffeine all at once because excessive caffeine can influence your pregnancy et your baby. See how much caffeine is in different foods and drinks.

Get aid quitting

If tu need help quitting smoking, drinking, or taking drugs, talk to your health care provider and ask parce que le a referral à a program jaune counselor.

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Improve your sleep

Rest while you can soja that once pregnancy-related sleep disturbances fight in a couple of months, you"ll be ready à la them. Form meilleur habits roughly sleep and work nous good sleep techniques like developing a continual bedtime routine and making her bedroom a sleep sanctuary.