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Elodie Yung movies & tv Roles: wherein You sait The daredevil Star Élodie Yung is best known à la playing Elektra in Netflix"s représentant series marqué here"s wherein else you pouvez recognize thé actress.

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she might be best known à la playing Elektra conditions météorologiques Netflix"s Daredevil series marqué here"s wherein else you may have seen Élodie Yung. Auto French-Cambodian actrice made sa acting debut in french TV drama La ailé Devant Nous in 2002, et soon scored her tons lead in thé parkour based action film The good Challenge in 2004. Élodie Yung appeared somewhat destined parce que le a career in mouvement films oui she hold a black belt in karate in genuine life and in addition à appearing in auto 2008 household comedy Home Sweet Home she made an impression through a memorable soutien turn in sequel District 13: Ultimatum as gang dirigeants Tao.

Élodie Yung moved right into American film starting through a petit role oui one ns Lizbeth Salander"s lovers in David Fincher"s 2011 adaptation of The Girl With thé Dragon Tattoo. She later got venir show off her mouvement credentials again in 2013"s G.I. Joe: Retaliation oui Jinx, and while auto character doesn"t get a accent of screentime, she takes marche in auto most exceptional setpiece whereby she and Snake eye battle ninja on the side ns a mountain.

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After co-starring in UK drama Still in 2014 et co-starring through Evan Rachel hardwood in thé never exit romantic comedy 10 fémoral I hate About Life, Élodie Yung made her debut ont Elektra in season 2 du Daredevil. She"s more than the equal du Matt Murdock et alongside Jon Bernthal"s candide Castle/The Punisher, elle proved à be one de the highlights ns the season.

Elodie Yung in GI joe 2 Movie
Élodie Yung later on returned ont Elektra in The Defenders, Netflix"s gros MCU crossover event in between Daredevil, éclore Cage, fer à repasser Fist and Jessica Jones. While over there are ne sont pas current plans à la a revival du this mutual universe, Yung has stated she"s much more than open to a return as the character. During this time she also play a surtout role in would-be blockbuster Gods ns Egypt alongside gerner Butler and voiced auto character de Olivia tandis que in Call de Duty: WWII"s Nazi Zombie mode.

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In 2017 Élodie Yung co-starred v Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds in action comedy The Hitman"s Bodyguard, where elle played thé Interpol Agent love interest of the latter. Unfortunately, it doesn"t appear her character will return for upcoming sequel The Hitman"s Wife"s Bodyguard. Upcoming projects for the actress including playing the part du Queen Catherine in disney + movie Secret Society de Second born Royals et she will certainly front Fox dramma pilot The cleaning Lady - instead of Shannyn Sossamon in the title duty - in addition venir co-starring with Anthony Mackie in heist cinématique The Blue Mauritius.