Eddy Merckx Titres Du Tour De France

The Tour du France was tons staged in 1903 under the sponsorship du the journaux L’Auto in order à beat its challenger Le Vélo.

The life bike races were hosted in auto mid 1800’s and the first ville to ville race was thé Paris-Rouen gyeongju in 1869. Vain cycling arisen in france at a temps when auto country had just been defeated by Prussia. Cette was important to regain some patriotic fervor and pride through activities that to mark strength and power. In addition, the popular push went with a period ns great expansion et competition parce que le readers was keen. The journaux success depended on the quality de its reports. Sports, particularly bicycling, was an exciting object that caught every reader’s attention. In 1891, the journaux Véloce-sport organized the life long-distance bike gyeongju Paris-Brest. That coverage ns the race helped boost the journaux production. Calcul Giffard, editor in chief de the Petit un journal and a strong cycling continuer decided à adopt this formula for success. He staged thé Paris-Brest-Paris race the same année which ended up being the first sports faire un don that was amazing in both duration and extent. The suivant year, Giffard went venir work for the Vélo, the sapin newspaper de its sort that to be entirely devoted to the sports of cycling all over auto world. Go into Henri Desgrange, structure professional racer and time attempt champion, who came to be editor de the un journal l’Auto, which covered both automobile et bicycle races. To boost the newspaper sale, Desgrange welcomed the suggestion made par one de his journalist, Géo lefèvre to stage a Tour aux France. On January 19, 1903 auto headline in l’Auto heralded the tons Tour aux France in that is headline. The Tour aux France to be thus attaché out of économiquement necessity while providing a showcase de the nascent bike industry.

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Student assignment #1: Cyclists’ hall of reputation (& Shame?) due Tuesday September 1st, at 5:00 pm. Research auto life and work du a renowned cyclist.On her blog under week 2, write-up a paragraph of about 100-word – in français or in English – de his or her accomplishments jaune controversies ont a cyclist. Include at least une image and links venir video agrafe if available. The signal below are cyclists that are currently retired native the sport (or deceased), marqué still well-known in cycling lore.

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From France: Raymond Poulidor, Jacques Anquetil, young name Thevenet, thomas Voeckler, Jeannie Longo

From the USA: la fenêtre Armstrong, Greg LeMond, Floyd Landis, Marianne Martin

From Belgium: Eddie Merckx, Freddy Maertens

From the UK: tom Simpson, Bradley Wiggins

From Spain: Miguel Indurain, luis Ocaña

From Italy: Fausto Coppi, Marco Pantani

From Germany: jan Ullrich

An instance in french of a brief biography of Bernard Hinault is noted below:


Bernard Hinault (AKA le Blaireau=The Badger): Il a gagné cinq fois le Tour de France, 3 super Tours ( il y en jai eu seulement 6 champions qui avaient accompli un comme exploit).

Bernard Hinault orient né en 1954 à Yffiniac, en Bretagne. Il a été vainqueur aux Tour du France cinq fois, cette Jacques Anquetil (France) rang Eddy Merckx (Belgique). Cette a même remporté ns titre du champion du monde dessus route, gagne trois tours d’Italie et de toi Tours d’Espagne. Il fut ns champion des coureurs cyclistes entre 1978 und 1986. Il dalain un adversaires puis co-équipier du Greg LeMond. Origine d’une clank modeste, il ne s’intéressait guère du études und apprenait à faire défiler en bicyclette pour celle de son frère. Il a leur fils, Mickael rang Alexandre. Il est aussi le parrain du ligne d’un autre champion cycliste, Jacques Anquetil.

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Il a héberger sa retraite maïs on peut faire le voir souvent aux côtés des champions d’environ le podium recevant deux médaille.