Éclipse Du 20 Mars 2015 En France

“On march 20, there will certainly be a total solar eclipse not montrer clairement in Quebec. Thé line de centrality begins in auto North Atlantic et ends at thé North Pole. Ce will it is in observable in auto Faroe Islands and in thé Svalbard archipelago, the only lands affected by the passage du the lunar shadow, et a an extremely beautiful partial eclipse will be montrer clairement throughout Europe. "

Source: SAPM

The next activities will certainly allow the pupils venir become more familiar with this extremely rare astronomical phenomenon which provides crowds run.

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At thé end of the activities, the student will certainly be able to:

- Explain quel a solar eclipse is; - identify methods parce que le observing a solar eclipse safely; - Discover thé myths et legends surrounding solar eclipses; - par rapport civilizations with beliefs surrounding solar eclipses.

Suggested activities

ACTIVITY 1: je vous demande pardon is a solar eclipse?

Begin auto activity par presenting this cuff to the effect that the European electricity grid is threatened de the comes solar eclipse conditions météorologiques March 20.

You can present this animation discussing thé astronomical phenomenon de the solar eclipse to ensure that toutes les personnes students have a common understanding.

Continue the activity de starting a abordage with auto students:

- What aller they à savoir about solar eclipses? - have they seen any kind of in thé past? - faire they think that the electricity grid deserve to be threatened de a solar eclipse? - faire they know the legend surrounding solar eclipses? - Etc.

Finish the activity by observing this menu interagir showing the précis times when auto eclipse will occur in europe on Friday in march 20, 2015.

ACTIVITY 2: how to observé a solar eclipse there is no risk?

Present this video to students à help them recognize the importance of protecting your eyes once observing a solar eclipse.

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Give castle a copy de the adhering to listening grid haricot de soja that they can prendre note their findings throughout the story.

ACTIVITY 3: thé legend ns solar eclipses

Present this legend Nordic solar eclipse explaining the sun in norse mythology.

Suggest that students become much more familiar through any du the mythological legends surrounding eclipses.

Here room some good resources:

– Wikipedia : Mythological jaune religious interpretations of eclipses - auto IMCEE page? ˅ has a complete file on solar eclipses ont well as un autre for lunar eclipses. – Cosmovision : Beliefs et rituals neighboring solar and moon eclipses. – Luxorion : Eclipses, spectacular phenomena – thé Sun, myths and legends

Have students comparer two myths, jaune legends, from deux different civilizations in order à present thé results de their research study using an app such oui Thinglink or from Padlet follow to the presentation ideas du the students.

Distribute a copy du one ns the deux canvases that deserve to be used parce que le recording information gathered passant par students throughout their research.

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For further

Suggest that thé students make année object that will allow them, in complete safety, to observé the solar eclipse de March 20, 2015. You could current them with the video adhering to which explains comment to make a solar eclipse box. Un autre way is by using some kitchen utensils choose this vidéos explains it.

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