Echo Dot Vs Google Home Mini

Google et Amazon space evenly matched competitors in the smart speaker arena, through both boasting a slew ns feature upgrades, maker integrations, et a heavy hardware lineup for any budget. The nest Mini, année upgrade du the original Google home Mini from 2017, is a great companion device that have the right to also loi as année independent assistant, with the same Google Assistant controls the larger nest devices leverage.

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Meanwhile, Amazon and Alexa have been tied together à la quite some time, building up a gros portfolio ns smart speakers, displays, and other gadgets. Now on its fourth generation, the Echo Dot has been wowing Alexa fans for years, et the latest model adds a paire of variants to give consumers much more choice. Et best of all, it received a an extensive design échanger for this lovely speaker.

So, i m sorry is right pour you — auto Google nid Mini or Amazon Echo Dot? Here, we’ve pitted thé two devices versus one de nouveau to uncover out i m sorry is the meilleur offering.


John Velasco / numérique Trends

While tu could be forgiven à la thinking that Google nest Mini et Amazon Echo period are an in similar way priced devices offering similar specifications, a destruction into thé spec sheets reveals some important differences.

The fourth-generation Echo Dot has actually a 1.6-inch speaker, et you have the right to connect thé Echo Dot à a bigger speaker si you want. With progressed Bluetooth laudio support, voice control, and a 3.5mm audio jack, thé Echo period is a low-cost Alexa controller.

In contrast, thé Google nest Mini has actually three far-field microphones for voice detection, oui well ont a 1.57-inch speak driver. Yes Bluetooth support, marqué the device lacks année audio port. Combined Chromecast and enhanced sonner format support demonstrate Google’s belief that the nid Mini have the right to serve ont a competent, if compact, stand-alone speaker, alongside other duties. Marqué the Echo dot (4th Gen) calmer has the nid Mini beat.

Google nid Mini second GenAmazon Echo Dot 4th Gen
PriceMSRP $50, sometimes available for around $30MSRP $50
ColorsChalk, charcoal, coral jaune skyCharcoal, glacial white, jaune twilight blue
Dimensions3.85 inches x 1.65 inches3.9 inches cf 3.9 inches voir 3.5 inches
Weight6.4 ounces12 ounces
Audio formatsHE-AAC, LC-AAC+, MP3, Vorbis, WAV (LPCM), FLACAAC/MP4, MP3, HLS, PLS, et M3U
Networking802.11b/g/n/ac (2.4 GHz/5 GHz) Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5, Chromecast Built-in802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4 et 5 GHz) Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Advanced laudio Distribution profil (A2DP) A/V remote Control profil (AVRCP)
Voice supportGoogle AssistantAmazon Alexa
ControlsTouch controls & mic mute switchVolume buttons, travail button, mic la fin button
DisplayFour dirige lightsBottom-mounted color light ring. Thé Echo period (4th Gen) with Clock additionally has an LED display screen screen
Speaker360-degree sound, 1.57-inch (40mm) driver1.6-inch driver
MicrophoneThree far-field microphonesFour far-field microphone array
PortsProprietary barrel adapter Proprietary barrel adapter, 3.5mm audio output

Winner: Amazon Echo Dot


When ce comes to aesthetics, the two smart conférencier differ in size, cible are both spanned with fabric et use commander lights to visually communicate. Set suivant to une another, it’s obvious that the nouveau spherical shape du the Echo dot (4th Gen) makes ce look larger than the nest Mini — nearly doubs its height. In spite of this, it’s a refresh design échanger that conditions météorologiques appreciate.

The Echo Dot et the Dot through Clock both retain the iconic color changing directif status ring around their base. Cette adds a peu interest, cible also makes the Echo Dot more noticeable through its dazzling et mesmerizing glow whenever it’s accessed. Auto Echo Dot v Clock can serve oui a good bedside companion, offered its auto-adjust display and display of the time.

John Velasco / digital Trends

The nid Mini may not ont a clock option, cible it encore uses led dots to communicate, and it’s available in chalk, charcoal, coral, and sky. Again, develop quality is excellent, et the nest Mini’s pincushion type gives auto device its very own identity. Google’s recent design upgrade fabriqué the nest Mini more eco-friendly too. But, what sets it individuel is auto notch nous its underside, which enables you venir hang it on a wall.

Google’s designers oui even spent time crafting nid Mini’s circular power adapter, i beg your pardon fits nicely in the hand and protrudes from auto wall tarif less than thé Echo Dot’s puissance supply. There space even agrafe on the power cable venir tidy up any kind of slack. This are petit touches, yes, marqué they show a level of design detail and care that’s thé hallmark ns a an excellent device.

Winner: Amazon Echo Dot


Amazon’s Echo Dot has been about much longer than Google’s nest Mini, i beg your pardon has given Amazon temps to build out a fairly strong ecosystem. Alexa gains more et more attributes like to whisper mode, doorbell concierge, and Blueprints the let tu make (and also publish) your own Alexa an abilities — et Alexa seems venir learn nouveau stuff virtually every day. Alexa’s reminders and routines are getting an ext advanced too, allowing users venir set location-based reminders and create progressed routines (you can have Alexa turn éteindre your lights, wait 15 minutes, and then turn éteindre the TV, parce que le instance). You can additionally announce messages through all of her Echo Dots throughout her home.

Both tools can affix to et control a variety du smart loger stalwarts like Philips Hue lighting, énergie outlets, clever locks and more. Google is working v partners to rapidly construct out hardware integrations, marqué still lags Amazon, whose Alexa can control much more than 85,000 smart patrie devices.

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John Velasco / numérique Trends

In 2019, Google revamped its nid brand v a new se concentrer on privacy — part compatibility tandem ended, some continued, et some to be stuck in advance limbo pour the foreseeable future. This has slowly functioned itself the end over time, marqué Nest compatibility is simply more limited, and you’ll need à study every smart maker carefully venir make certain it’s compatible with the nid Mini.

Winner: Amazon Echo Dot


Alongside hardware connectivity, both devices can also access “skills” jaune “actions” that deliver amplified features like nouvelles reports, recipes, reservation bookings, jokes, quizzes, et more. Again, the Echo period leads here, with a plethora of different types de skills available for the maker (some du which you may actually wish venir use). Google’s offering is certainly smaller at this point but is widening quickly, including features choose a multilingual mode, a translator mode, and step-by-step cooking instructions.

John Velasco / digital Trends

Before jumping in with Amazon Echo jaune Google Nest, it is in sure venir review the streaming divertir services you currently use. Ont per usual, Amazon really much look at Echo as a gateway to prestations de service subscriptions and heavily disclosure Amazon music over other options. However, Amazon has begun to support more services conditions météorologiques Alexa like spotify Premium, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn Radio, et even pomme Music.

With Google nid Mini, there room fewer compatible music services sources, cible you deserve to use Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Deezer, and Google play music, among est différent options. Both brands continuez to ajouter services.

Winner: Amazon Echo Dot

Ease ns use

One thing elle should know avant purchasing either clever speaker is that both Amazon Alexa et the Google Assistant experience perpetual changes. This method both tools are regularly amplified with nouveau features, marqué you may also find that regulates that functioned previously no plus long work jaune might call for a contempt nuanced voice instruction. Or, they might seemingly work parce que le everyone else except for you. Cette can be a real frustration with both Amazon and Google services.

John Velasco / numérique Trends

Both devices work well at choose up voice commands as long ont you enunciate, also when you’re blaring out tunes at full volume. Auto Echo Dot’s design, with année overt commander status ring and physical buttons à la volume, mic muting, et triggering Alexa on the top du the device, provides Amazon a slight edge in terms du usability. Google nest Mini supports microphone muting passant par a behind switch and features touch-sensitive le volume controls on either side de the device, tous of which job-related well.

Winner: Amazon Echo Dot

Audio output

The fourth-generation Echo Dot has actually a bigger driver and the sound is much better than ever before before. The nid Mini has 360-degree sound, a 40mm driver, et proprietary audio tuning software. But how aller they ridge up?

John Velasco / numérique Trends

Google nid Mini it is intended clean sonner with punchy bass. Tu can use auto equalizer venir adjust thé treble and bass. Sure, that a action up from her phone’s speakers, marqué not a match pour a decent, devoted Bluetooth speaker. Parce que le the nid Mini, Google nid doubled auto bass et made it possible à la the speaker à adjust its le volume based on the level ns background noise in the room. Return the nid Mini only has three mics, ce does a superior travail at choose up voice commands, also from a distance.

The 4th gen Dot sounds considerably louder 보다 the nid Mini. Auto Dot likewise offers perks like a 3.5mm jack. Marqué the Echo Dot’s micro simply aren’t oui sensitive to voice commands. Tous in all, the nid Mini wins pour voice recognition, and the Echo dot wins à la music playback.

Winner: Tie (Nest Mini has meilleur voice recognition, Echo dot plays music louder)

Which should amie buy?

If you’re already invested in a smart assistant ecosystem, neither Amazon Echo Dot jaune Google nid Mini delivers compelling reasons to transfert to the différent side.

Amazon have to be celebrated à la creating this compact, smart contrôler category v the original Amazon Echo Dot, i beg your pardon delivers much du the magic of its gros brothers, cible at a fontaine of the price. The clear the Google’s Nest Mini engineers and designers have spent time understanding and then building on the Echo Dot’s foundations. Cette looks better, et while cette lacks the Echo Dot’s wealth du integrations, Google is capturing up quickly.

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Google nid Mini

If elle are a loyal Amazon customer, you’ll most likely want année Echo Dot, so cette agrees v your existing tools (like fire TV), et likewise à la the nest Mini. However, if you don’t have Amazon jaune Google products, the decision becomes more difficult, cible we suggest starting with the Echo dot as année easy way to see comment you favor these smart devices. On top du that, auto clock version of auto Echo dot (4th Gen) adds auto usefulness of telling temps instantly — while its superior sonner performance makes it far more bearable with musique playback.