Eagle-eye cherry save tonight

The Swedish-born singer Eagle-Eye Cherry, son de jazz trumpeter chef Cherry, released this sapin in his landscape in auto fall du 1997, where ce slowly acquired steam avant crossing end to auto UK et US charts. Virtually a year and a half after its release, cette peaked at #5 on the chaud 100.

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This was the last souper Cherry wrote pour his debut albums and hey wanted it to be special, "something the would pavillon the test of time." hey achieved his goal - deux decades later, the souper is toujours in rotation nous throwback radio stations et is a fixture on the setlists de countless covering bands. "People point at me et say "Save Tonight?" like it"s ma name," Cherry called GQ in 2017. "Which i guess it kind du is."
At first Cherry believed the song was also good et was convinced hey inadvertently ripped off un autre musician. "When je wrote thé riff in thé chorus, je was racking my brain, thinking je had steal it," he explained. "I assumed that who must oui used this because it was also good."
The single"s success prompted a case of first imitating arts as Cherry was suddenly leaving his quiet life behind to go on tour. "Once the souper took off, my life became that: constantly having that critical night avant I leave."
The black-and-white musique video was filmed in Sweden et follows Cherry in thé roles ns several different personalities whose stays intersect, including an amiable jeune man, a bespectacled butcher, a robber, a truck driver, a busker, et a homeless man.Cherry is in reality a trained actor, having actually attended nouveau York City"s School de Performing Arts, v credits that incorporate a bit part nous The Cosby Show and a stint as année ex-con conditions météorologiques the short-lived TV drama South Beach. Hey abandoned his aspirations oui a thespian when he grew tired du playing the same old functions in support of white protagonists.
Cherry"s job hit a standstill when his lundi album, life In the Present Future
, was released in thé wake ns 9/11 and largely ignored outside du his home country. Hey continued venir tour cible eventually relocated back to Sweden. Although "Save Tonight" was a super hit there, peaking at #2, thé singer speak GQ cette lives a quieter tons in Stockholm, where he"s rarely recognized and can occupational on musique in peace.
This was provided in several la télé shows, consisting of Felicity in thé 1998 episode "Cheating," Daria in the 1999 illustration "Through A lentille Darkly," Roswell in the 1999 pilot episode, et Cold des boites in thé 2004 episode "Resolutions." ce was also featured in the 2005 comedy/drama A lot Like Love, certification Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet.

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Kdh from HhiReminds moi a parcelle of super Tramp"s good-bye Stranger.Vic indigenous Rome, Nyi think he hits thé spot when he sings let"s hold-up our misery.see more comments
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