Dyson Big Ball Animal Pro 2

The Dyson big Ball animal 2 scored impressive results across thé majority de our tests. It performs well on carpet as well as floorboards, et it"s specifically effective at pets hair removal, needing only one sweep to à faire the travail in ours tests! it admittedly battles a au sens propre in terms de pick-up at edges et corners et its reach could additionally be improved nous the stairs. Also when using auto Stair clean tool, it can reach a haute of six stairs.Its design and shape is originalité in that cette will right itself when knocked over; this means elle need no worry around doubling earlier should thé vacuum cleaner reminder over! cette is also easy à manoeuvre and there is a pivot mettre en ordre where the hose joins thé handle, making cette very flexible. It"s a very convenient machine overall, considering that is ease ns use and impressive performance. It"s a great cleaning companion!


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Our expert guide venir buying the meilleur vacuum cleaner


This vacuum cleaner is a great performer conditions météorologiques both soft and hard flooring and has signification littérale difficulty in removing thé more stubborn de messes, such as pet hair. Its conception is sophisticated ont well ont convenient in use et we love that it self-rights itself once knocked over.


Bagged jaune bagless: BaglessBeater brosser bar: YesCapacity: 1.5 litresCord length: 6.7 metresHose length: 1.7 metresTools: ERP Pneumatic Head, Carbon brane Turbine Head, Tangle-Free wind turbine Tool, stair Tool, mix ToolVariable power: NoWattage: 600


Ease of use: 4/5Design: 4.5/5Performance: 4/5Instructions: 4/5


It performs well conditions météorologiques multiple surfaces, both carpet and floorboards includedIt is effective at pet hair removalIt is easy venir manoeuvreIt comes with a washable filterIt self-rights itself when knocked overIt comes with a an excellent selection du toolsThe dust canister is easy venir empty


The on/off transfert appears rather small et delicate, even though it feels sturdyThis vacuum cleaner struggles a précis with dust choose up in thé edges et cornersIts reach on the stairs can be betterThe ligne directrice could be much more detailed on how et when to use auto different heads and attachments

All product information provided de the manufacturer is exactement at time de publication.

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