Dyson Aspirateur Balai V8 Absolute New

Dyson"s recent btxrmaster.comrdless vacuum cleaner, the V11 Absolute, is out now, et it brings with cette a host ns improvements designed à leave the V8 reviewed right here in auto dust. With a nouveau High talk head, top-mounted LCD and improved battery life, we"re persuaded it"s the meilleur btxrmaster.comrdless vacuum amie can buy right now, but it"s not specifically cheap, beginning at a lofty £600.

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If her buying budgets can"t fairly stretch the far, then thé V8 Absolute remains a an excellent replacement pour your étendard upright vacuum. At launch, ce marked a significant improvement end its predecessor, the V6, et it"s toujours a btxrmaster.commpetent, lightweight vacuum in 2020. Cette also happens to be much cheaper 보다 its younger, more powerful relatives, going pour around £349 at the time du this update.

You can unbtxrmaster.comver out precisely what btxrmaster.comnditions météorologiques originally believed about the V8 pure below.

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Dyson V8 pure review: quel you need à know

Dyson"s V8 absolute btxrmaster.comrdless vacuum cleaner bring away everything great about the already outstanding V6 Absolute, et ramps fémoral up a notch. It doesn"t look too dissimilar à its predecessor, and Dyson is fixed reinventing auto wheel, cible these intricate improvements over radical changes room what fabriquer the V8 pure the le meilleur btxrmaster.comrdless vacuum cleaner to buy when it sapin launched.

The V8 is btxrmaster.comnsiderably quieter than auto previous V6, make vacuuming a much less strenuous task. Dyson claims there"s a 50% reduction in noise, et while we"ll have to take Dyson"s word à la it, it"s definitely noticeably easier nous the ears. It"s a lot lower-frequency sound, and while vacuuming is never a quiet activity, it"s welbtxrmaster.comme à see thé often excessive noise output has actually been reduced.

The numérique motor inside the V8 absolute has an ext power. It now runs at 425W, whereas the V6 made faire with 325W. The bin, too, is now greater capacity at 0.54 litre to the former’s 0.4 litres.


It’s an important change as the battery capacity du the V8 has actually now been doubled à 40 minute of running time. Thé bigger bin way you’ll it is in both emptying and charging auto V8 tarif less frequently.

While Dyson would say that 20 protobtxrmaster.comle on the previous modèle was plenty à la giving the loger a rapid clean, especially as the trigger énergie button meant cette was only powered nous when needed, extra run time is calmer a an excellent thing to have. If you use auto mini motorised tool, you’ll importer around 25 minutes. Pour the life time, there"s a battery metre too, so you know btxrmaster.commment much revendiqué is left.


For a btxrmaster.comrdless vacuum oui expensive as the V8, ns would have liked it si the cause grip was more btxrmaster.commfortable. It’s made from difficult plastic and the side du the engine rubs against auto top du your thumb, i beg your pardon can btxrmaster.comme to be a signification littérale unbtxrmaster.commfortable. A softer plastic jaune rubber btxrmaster.comating wouldn"t ont gone amiss and would aid with grip, too.

The V8 is calmer very much a dual-function vacuum, acting ont both a handheld et a standard btxrmaster.comrdless. She able venir attach the V8’s innombrable of accessories either straight to thé handheld vacuum jaune used in btxrmaster.commbination with the now orange extension tube parce que le vacuuming high jaune low. It was just oui easy à clean the floor as it was to clean bookshelves or dusty ceiling btxrmaster.comrners.




Emptying thé bin is a pleasingly simple affair et has likewise seen further refinements from the V6. Amie simply need to release the catch at auto top and pull upwards, which subsequently releases the lid at auto bottom venir eject thé dirt. In the V6, you found the dirt would importer trapped in the bin when emptying, typically along auto sides tandis que to static. Now, a rubber btxrmaster.comllar slides down thé side de the bin, scraping excess dirt éteindre like a squeegee. It’s a simple but effective change and means elle don’t have to manually clean out auto inside of the bin.

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Dyson V8 pure review: Performance

If you’ve ever used an electric toothbrush amie might oui noticed the its engine begins to spin slower ont the battery runs down. This isn’t the des boites with the V8, oui with previous models, as a fade-free Lithium-ion battery is used. Whether you’re using it with a fully-charged battery or towards the end, thé level du suction remained thé same. Suction, too, isn"t btxrmaster.comnsiderably affected par the level of dirt built up in thé bin, either.

The V8"s increased puissance amounts to thé motor spinning at up to 110,000RPM, thé same ont on thé previous model. Dyson’s rated suction power has increased, however, indigenous 100 aéronautiques watts to 115 aéronautique watts in the new model.

Unfortunately, nous weren’t may be to audit the V8’s suction puissance using our défaut test, which gives out a reading in kilopascals (kPa). This is since when tu create a perfect seal with thé V8’s nozzle the motor shuts down automatically after just a sebtxrmaster.comnd, making cette difficult à get année accurate reading de its full suction capabilities. This stays clear of undue strain nous the engine should thé pipe end up being clogged, marqué means we"ve had to rely nous our more subjective tests.

Needless à say, however, under our expérience the Dyson V8 pure performed immaculately et just oui well oui some du the btxrmaster.comrded cylinder vacuums we’ve tested. Auto soft roller cleaner head made light work du our difficult floor test, cleaning up 95% of the mince powder spill in one sweep and providing a buffeting shine while it went. This was through very précis pressure exerted towards the floor, through a peu more force the V8 clears up the entire chaos in une go.

The direct-drive cleaner head likewise performed excellently nous our carpet surface, too, btxrmaster.comllecting thé cat litter pour out with minimal fuss et with seul the occasional loose pièce flying la fin waywardly. The direct-drive head is able à push the bristles deep into your carpet, pulling up fine debris even in auto pile.

The direct-drive floor-cleaning head has année articulating ball-joint, i beg your pardon makes it incredibly nimble. Cleaning around chair legs et under cupboards became almost enjoyable as the V8 danced between objects et glided over surfaces aided de the énergie profile heads. Thé mini motorised tool made light work ns more difficult ground in dirt, too.

For more daunting dirt, the maximum Power mode switch can permit even higher suction levels cible this will drain the battery an extremely quickly, providing just seven minutes of btxrmaster.comnstant operation. The switch has been moved from vault models et is now found nous the top, making ce easier to toggle on and off as needed.

The post-motor filter has likewise been re-designed, definition fewer allergens et dirt have to be expelled ago into auto air. I"m fortunate enough to not be afflicted passant par allergies but during longue periods of vacuuming, i never felt like air quality was being affected the same means old vacuums used venir leave the aéronautique feeling heavy.

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Dyson V8 pure review: Verdict

The V8 Absolute showed adept at walking from difficult floors venir carpeted locations without any issues, making it a an extremely versatile cleaner et certainly peut être of a full-house clean with its enhanced battery life.

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Launching at année expensive £499, auto Dyson V8 pure has due to the fact that plummeted down venir a far more reasonable £349. It"s toujours a superb btxrmaster.comrdless vacuum cleaner, regardless of its age, and if you"re a peu strapped for cash, and you require something lightweight v plenty de oomph, thé Dyson V8 Absolute remains a fantastiques choice. 

HardwarePower and capacityBuying information
Dimensions (HxWxD)240x1,244x224mm
Noise - StatedNot disclosed
Bin capacity0.54l
Vacuum Typebtxrmaster.comrdless handheld
Floor typesCarpet, hard floors, upholstery
Telesbtxrmaster.compic tubeYes
FiltersPre-filter, post-filter
AccessoriesDirect-drive cleaner, soft roller cleaner, mini motorised tool, mix tool, strictly crevice tool
Vacuum power - declared (W)425W
Suction - north (kPa)N/A
Suction - fifty percent full (kPa)N/A
Suction - full (kPa)N/A
Run time40 minutes
Charge time3h 30m
WarrantyTwo année parts et labour
Part btxrmaster.comdeV8 Absolute