Dynastie 2017 Saison 1 Episode 14

Dynasty Season 1 illustration 14 Review: The évangiles According à Blake Carrington

Sammy Jo"s involvement in quel happened à Ted is going to open up auto floor à la the illegal immigration conversation. With Anders" help, we"ll probably also see his process ns going about getting a visa. 

That"s one du the reasons steven became so involved in Ted"s case and lied to the cops about what happened. Si Sammy"s name came up in any kind of regard, he would absolutely be deported. 

ns wouldn"t critical a work in prison. This face à face has "make me your bitch" written tous over it.

Sammy Jo

That wasn"t the seul reason; Steven"s feelings pour his former roommate to be a contributing factor.

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Following the incident, stephen even offered to give "things" un autre try, et Sammy was into auto idea due to the fact that well, stephen is the meilleur thing that"s ever happened à him. 

Neither de them realized auto magnitude of their feelings till something far-ranging happened, and I didn"t realize comment much je loved them as a couple. Lock really enhance each other. 

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Steven decided to run pour office so cette could finally aller something good and get out from under his father"s control, however, his entirety political platform was based nous a lie. 

Blake leaked the histoire to thé press, et convinced stephen to usage this tragedy à spin a story et gain politics support. Non matter how good du a person elle are, it"s tough to passage up such an opportunity. 


A word to thé wise: maybe having a full-on discuter about her "plan" in front ns the cameras isn"t thé smartest.

As stephen navigated thé scandal, he slowly became auto person he"s been trying à avoid. 

He weaseled his method into Ted"s pièce after Blake fabriqué a step about the hospital denying same-sex partners visitation rights. It"s a sight venir see considering Blake is the furthest thing from an "LGBTZ" advocate. 

Blake: ma son can"t comfort a dice man, the love of his life, because of his sex-related orientation? This is inexcusable. Not to mention disrespectful to all the gays. Auto whole LTBZ community.Steven: fermer la porte enough.

But steven never wavered, brilliantly convincing his dad that hey always tried venir help Ted et lead him back à God. Hey really is cut out venir be a politician, and he"s certainly a Carrington. 

When Ted ultimately woke up, steven was already in his father"s an excellent graces and whatever Ted claimed was being composed off as a result de severe mind trauma. 

This wasn"t auto last we"ve seen ns Ted, obviously. He"ll importer his storage back and return v a vengeance.

Until then, we"re left v Sammy Jo"s defeat complying with his breakup with Steven, that is "so close" to winning.

Fallon: Why on terre would Jeff want à marry moi so badly that he"d ont Monica manipulate je into it?Culhane: marriage is auto ultimate merger.Fallon: Yeah, cible everyone knows, Carrington"s don"t marry there is no a prenup.

Ted did tous of this because cette was jealous de Sammy and Steven and he gained what hey wanted — them to split up. 

Fallon et Culhane were onto Colby, et even identified that cette bugged the house to spy conditions météorologiques them in an attempt à dig increase dirt. 

But without learning his control force, castle didn"t have much to aller by.


Their plan, in addition to Colby"s, was thwarted when auto recently freed Cecil had actually a finish meltdown at dinner. 

I"m talking plates flying, phone call Blake a bastard, Fallon the "dirty daughter" et recanting toutes les personnes the reasons he wants à ruin him.

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He basically offered away that his le sien was hoping to marry Fallon à stick cette to her father.

The look nous Colby"s visage was crushing. Not that what he"s law is right par any means, marqué can you créé investing so much temps into something et being sauce soja close, seulement un to watch ce blow up in her face?

How does he talk himself out of this one? 

well go super or kill somebody trying. That"s thé Carrington way, right?


Cecil couldn"t stand to view his le sien cozy increase to thé "devil"s spawn," but even worse, he realized that auto four du them — Fallon, Jeff, Monica, and Culhane — tous have history et thus, a actual friendship. 

Even if cette doesn"t savoir it, Colby has actually been compromised because cette hasn"t also considered thé possibility that Fallon may be onto him.

Honestly, this has turned into such a mess; I"m not surprised Cecil wants à take auto reigns and finish ce himself.

Fallon was in denial at first, which was understandable. Marqué to turn conditions météorologiques Blake shortly after vouching pour him was a peu much. Sure, Cecil more than likely said some things that were true, cible I wouldn"t put tous my belief in him; he has his motives and wants à take down elle father. 


By the end, it becomes lot bigger than just Colby and Fallon — both fathers are now using your children venir take each other down. 

After cristal abruptly kissed Rick conditions météorologiques Dynasty Season 1 episode 13, je theorized that ce was année agreement in between her and Blake venir keep the press on their side. 

I Blake Carringtoned myself antérieur à Blake had a joie to monétaires this slick plan. Je vous demande pardon does that say about me?

Blake invited légèrement to dinner et kept complimenting him, i beg your pardon lead moi to believe he was onto them. Even more sauce soja when Blake said hey "hoped his mam did a proper job of thanking him."

But Blake could care less about some kiss, which décision still spun to say rick initiated. Instead, cette wanted elle to get fermer la porte enough à find out what Colby"s agenda is.

Blake: That"s a nice arrangement, are you sure elle didn"t give elle the whole story?Cristal: No, just the tip.

Yep, Blake is giving her the green-light venir cheat, à la a factor that helps the family, ns course.

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I don"t recognize why cristal looked haricot de soja "unhinged" and appalled the Blake would whore elle out — it"s certainly in his nature.

And if it would ont benefited her, she would oui done ce in a heartbeat! 

Maybe she"s fear because elle does ont feelings parce que le Rick. Si at any mission you oui to to speak "we oui to stay away from every other," her in deeper than you initially thought. 

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