Easily recognized by its coat de reddish-orange with foncé stripes, the tiger is thé largest wild cat in thé world. The big cat"s tail is three feet long. On average the big cat weighs 450 pounds, about the same as eight ten-year-old btxrmaster.com. Cette stands three feet tall with teeth four inches long et claws as long ont house keys.

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A female tigre gives birth to a litter of three or four cubs, who elle will care parce que le until they are a year-and-a-half old. This cubs quadruple in size during their sapin month!

The powerful predator usually hunts alone, able venir bring under prey such ont deer and antelope. Tigers wait until dark to hunt. The tiger sprints to an unsuspecting animal, commonly pulling ce off the feet through its teeth and claws. Si the prey animal is large, auto tiger bites that is throat venir kill it; smaller sized prey is usually eliminated when auto tiger breaks its neck. Tigers oui been known to eat up to 60 pounds ns meat in une night, marqué more frequently they consume about 12 pounds during a meal. Ce may take it days à la a tiger to complete eating that kill. Auto cat eats until it"s full, and then covers thé carcass with leaves and dirt. Thé tiger come back venir feed part more.

Tigers live far individuel from every other. A tiger knows si it is in un autre tiger’s region based on the trees approximately him. Every tiger marquages the trees in its area v urine et special scratches.

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Unlike many members ns the cat family, tigers seem venir enjoy water et swim well.

Some tigers habitent where it gets an extremely cold—in India and parts du southeast Asia. Thé whole species is threatened throughout that range.

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Tigers have been overhunted for their fur as well as for other corps parts the many personnes use in timeless medicines. Tigers" habitat has additionally dwindled seriously ont humans ont developed land parce que le uses such ont farming and logging. However, in the Siberian region de Russia, yes sir hope that these big cats space making a comeback.

Because ns their size, strength, et predatory skills, many tigers are thought about one du the “big cats.” Lions, cheetahs, jaguars, et cougars are likewise part of this grouping.

Tiger stripes room special à each individual, et their tails help them à keep your balance. The super cats share tous but 4.4% du their DNA with domestic cats.

Take the gros cat quiz to see comment much you sait about these fierce felines. Then, just for fun, see which wild cat you’re most like v our personality quiz.

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Tigers can weigh up to 670 pounds. Learn more amazing facts around these amazing creatures with national Geographic btxrmaster.com.
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