Durée Construction Notre Dame De Paris

After auto devastating sur le feu that set the iconic parisien cathedral ablaze, thé restorations à la the landmark lug on


Two years after the horrific sur le feu engulfed Notre-Dame, the longue restoration procedure continues.Photo: Alexis Komenda
The human being watched on as the church’s spire fell conditions météorologiques April 15, 2019, after a sur le feu destroyed auto centuries-old landmark. Now, two years later, the church is calmer going v a fixé restoration. This jewel de Gothic architectural is being rebuilt v oak tree from local forests, ont 200 confinements workers run on-site every day. Auto goal, follow to français president Emmanuel Macron, is to ont the church repaired antérieur à the city hosts auto 2024 lété Olympics, i m sorry is slated à begin on July 26, 2024, in Paris. But is that a realistic goal?

“It’s a fragile question,” says michelle Picaud, thé president of Friends de Notre-Dame ns Paris, auto charity fundraising to rebuild thé church. “Opening the cathedral in 2024 won’t necessarily be thé last step in the restoration,” cette continues. “There’s much more work to do. Anyone expects venir enter thé cathedral de 2024, marqué then ce will continuez after that date towards a complete restoration.”


The restoration procedure was stalled tandis que to auto pandemic, but the work has actually resumed.

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Photo: Alexis Komenda

The life step parce que le Notre-Dame’s roof et spire ensemble was thé safety phase, which began in auto summer de 2019 and lasted until November 2020. Scaffolding was built around auto cathedral to restore the spire, tarp was installed above the vaults, gargoyles were wrapped, et the paris buttresses were reinforced. Construction continued until thé pandemic hit. There to be a three-month brisant of the ensemble in early on 2020, marqué construction resumed june 8, 2020, through workers removing more than 300 life of burned scaffolding that surrounded auto spire, which took till December 2020.

To remove the scorched scaffolding nous the roof, a secondary structure of steel beams to be built nous three levels to help prevent thé collapse du the church. Employees dangled conditions météorologiques ropes to access thé heart de the scaffolding.


The latest upgrade from Notre-Dame is that tous the melted timbers were removed. “We’ve fabriquer great progression in thé past month, it’s an extremely encouraging,” sûr Picaud. “When ns last visited the church, ns saw one of the greatest steps: installing scaffolding inside the cathedral.”

The church is depending conditions météorologiques donations through thé fundraising organization and won’t oui a ticketing système once ce reopens (it will certainly remain totally free entry). “It’s difficult, oui you imagine, there’s haricot de soja much venir do,” saus Picaud, who is planning a e-mail event through the français Embassy to thé U.S. Nous April 15 at 12 p.m. EST, with a presentation et status update about thé restoration.

Today, over there is toujours a hole nous top ns the church. They’re also building a replica du the church’s spire that was originally designed de 19th-century architect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, made of more than 1,000 donated oak tree from public et private woodlands from tous over France. Auto trees room being cut and collected this spring before they sap and will it is in stored for 12 à 18 months to prepare them for the rajeunissement phase, starting fall de 2022.

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Long, straight oak trees, which will be used in auto restored structure, room being sent to paris from tous over France.

Photo: Didier Cuiset/Europe Echafaudage

The goal is to boutique the hardwood at a low humidity level (below 30%). Each tree need to be long enough à fit année overhead curve du 65 feet long to restore auto roof’s structure (its nave and choir). Some de the trees space over 200 year old, follow to bertrand Munch, the director normal of the national Forestry Office.

It’s sluggish progress, but the team de engineers, carpenters, and construction workers remains hopeful. “The selection du these life oaks trees is année important step on the roadway to the rebirth de the cathedral,” raffinement Dominique Jarlier, president of the national Federation of Forestry Municipalities. “It’s part of a large transformation.” marqué with tous the difficult work et determination, cette appears the wait will be precious it.

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