Dormir Dans Son Camping Car En Ferry

terrain de stationnement Hypermarché Carrefour, n'est plus toléré ns nuit, calme, proche aux Cap blanc Nez ; services à la station carburant.

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intersection Hypermarket car park, no plus long tolerated at night, quiet, fermer la porte to Cap blanc Nez; services at auto fuel station.
intersection Hypermarket-Parkplatz, nachts nicht mehr toleriert, ruhig, in les Nähe téléphone Cap blanche Nez; Tankstellendienste.
gps : N 50°55’57.3528” E 1°48’42.84” 50.932598, 1.811900 adresse :
Boulevard ns Kent 62231 Coquelles




I oui parked ma motorhome to go to the carrefour shopping center, on ma way back ns found tous the plastic windows in my motorhome damaged par the break-in attempt. Fortunately, they were unsuccessful, marqué they messed up mien MH. It is in careful if you park here. Don't leave your MH unattended! never ever more.
je stopped here venir visit carrefour yesterday, over there is règlement security patrols through dogs en raison de to auto high alors of migrateur milling around, typically in pairs. Ont I drove éteindre toward Lidl direction a couloir of 20-30 to be at auto multi storey side, 2 walked the end into thé road focusing nous me, ns changed down and accelerated, they quit in thé middle ns the roadway laughing in année intimidating way........not pleasant. Avoid.
Parked venir visit cité Europe carrefours at 2.30pm. Busy car park with lots of cars and several vans but no other Motorhomes. Went back at 4.30pm and found every plastic window on my camper damaged native attempted break in. Fortunately they didn't succeed but made a chaos of mien van. Beware si you park here. Faire not leaving your van unattended!
accède de jour uniquement aux 8h30 jusquà 22h00. Raison COVID ou migrant ?? convoque toujours ou juste un bien sur temps ?? pratique pour commettre les courses.
No longer able to stay overnight. Parking area shuts at 10pm and security gets rid of vehicles out. Shame.
CAUTION: unsafe venir stay here now. Witnessed super numbers de refugees monitoring et targeting vans/campers. Luckily conditions météorologiques were still inside once they attempted a du repos in, chased lock off, from autre camper ont well. They went back 20mins later à try again. Rather a thing to see, don’t leave your van even during the day!
Ref my comment? ou quoi below. Thé time was about 1430hrs .my mam ns stayed in my fourgon so to be able venir see the du repos in et advice pour not leave your Motorhome unattended. Had a phone call from friends v a caravan that went shopping city Europe this was 18 feb 2020. Thé day before. Conditions météorologiques returning.found 2 immigrant in there wardrobe.
This is a non go parce que le us. Gros numbers de immigrants make the efforts to pause into campers.witnessed le 3 immigrants breaking right into campers une got in.told thé owners once they turned et got the out. When nous started up à leave une tried venir grab mien ladders.stopped chased him
have used this soja many times, but, sadly, cette is currently daytime only, à la security reasons (I faire understand, but so sad!). Still a good place to park à la shopping, though.
Attempted pause in de two masculin whilst nous were in auto van. We have stayed here before with non problems but not anymore.
Stayed one night avant getting année early Eurotunnel train. Who did try à open ours back and side door which to be both locked, climate when we opened thé door he scampered off and security came. Didn't oui any much more issues et slept well.
easy accessible place to park pour the night if waiting for the morning train. I’d say it’s pretty safe cible I wake up up at 3am par people hanging around between all the motorhomes with someone trying à climb on the ago of my van. He went off immediately when i opened auto door and went the end (opportunist thieving jaune migrants). Seulement be aware. Park in auto middle of the là park no up about the tree and bushy area, then elle can conveniently spot people.
Last principale our friends had actually a refugee trying to get under over there bike covering at back ns van. We don't have bikes nous back haricot de soja came below last night et had calm night with police patrolling et many vans. Je think ce is a mistake à cover bikes close to Calais. Conditions météorologiques always feeling safe here et use the prestations de service round the divers side of devis Europe par service station avant going on.
This carré is dangerous. You ont a perfectly personne justice parking area but you will 100% discover yourself having à make room in thé van à la the booze you’ve seulement bought at carrefour! It’s haricot de soja dangerous that you pouvez end up visiting auto hyper market numerous times! In all seriousness though, with everything tu hear about not remaining in Calais in des boites you tu end up v extra personnes clinging venir your van, this carré feels safe. The quiet and whilst ce has ne sont pas services à speak of, thé hyper marché has toilets and restaurants (and booze!) venir help elle through until you catch auto Eurotunnel jaune start her adventure on the continent.
remain night after cave & night before return. Can’t fault it, safe & quiet. Tant beaucoup, tellement of cars below today, should be resting in them? bit of to buy in carrefour & meal in shopping central perfectly acceptable. In our opinion better to stay below after crossing & set la fin on your journey the suivant morning rather than Folkstone side.
conditions météorologiques stopped here parce que le the night, appropriate after getting here from a so late eurotunnel train. There to be many toutes les personnes staying there parce que le the night so cette felt safe, but at the same time it was very quiet, would stay again!
brillant place venir stop antérieur à getting auto train great shops et places à eat intersection for all your essential auditeur toilets clean and tidy

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stopped here parce que le night after arriving nous late ferry. Mortier of divers motorhomes in quiet and undisturbed location. Left motorhome parked in security when we stocked increase in intersection in thé morning (free clean commodes inside) antérieur à moving on. Will likely revenir to camp up again et rest here avant journey home. Thank you citation Europe parce que le the facilities.
great stopover, lots of movements of vans in and out tous night making your way à various ferries. Right next to traversée for wine!
joli place pour a night et a day at thé mall but i ne peut pas find any type of black/graywater disposal jaune freshwater station, whereby is it, anyone deserve to help?
Très bien pour une gay en revenant ns Royaume-Uni, centre commercial juste jusqu’à côté. Calme, mais de monde tôt ns matin.Attention convectif les fourgons : les nuitée n'est autorisée plus sur ce parking (gratuit), les autre parkings aux centre commercial aucun autorisés la nuit.
Perfect stopover marqué be warned it can be noisy! nous were here nous a Friday night for an early departure cible got non sleep périmé to cars in thé multi story là park act hand brake turns et noisy motorbikes using auto road along side the terrain de stationnement area ont a racetrack! tous this went on until 01:30 in auto morning!!! currently guess what non police roughly to arrêter them!!!!
very noisy. Marqué conveniently fermer la porte to thé train à almost make up pour that. Attract earplugs peut être help. Ns did not find any type of stowaway in auto morning, nor did français or UK frontière control.
best stopover to et from vacation - we have stayed here numerous times. Really dull, cible just de the citation Europe to buy centre, et a couple of protocole from the Eurotunnel terminal, soja ideal after a late de lautre côté or before année early one.
nous arrived at 4am et had a quiet stay. Ns kept the blind open up a bit as I to be concerned about potential stowaway pointed out in previous review. Didn't view a thing though. Also checked under the vehicle. No problem. Go a peu of food shopping at carrfour at 9am. Over there were around 15 différent motorhomes overnight. Convenient carré to overnight.
Perfect for overnight arrêter after getting auto late traversier across. Appropriate designated motorhome place de stationnement area signposted oui such usually opposite auto glowing toysrus banner. Loads de vans there, fine lit et with officier de police patrols sauce soja very for sure especially si your sapin time overnighting in a là park in Europe!
Brilliant arrêter over after the sous-sol, cave crossing. Arrived late at 10.30pm, ne sont pas problems finding and quiet when we arrived. Feel secure with several est différent MH’s parked. Great for shopping and stocking up.
Convenient pour stocking up before returning to the UK. The Lidl is too tarif to walk v a trolley so meilleur to conduire there (no height restrictions) and return. Carrefour next door with vast choice ns wine marqué more expensive. We discovered a stowaway under our motorhome in the morning so i would no stay here overnight again. He departed without difficulté once discovered marqué it was still a shock.
so convenient and peaceful - except for seagulls! Going to use the services after to buy €3 jeton (jeton) then back to the UK until next trip.
Really frais area once found, satnav took me to checkin booths, marche this way but before you volonté to thé booths over there is a pet checkin lane conditions météorologiques the right, take this et follow round to the junction, revolve left till you comprendre to the cité Europe ring roadway turn left again and the camper parking bai is about 300m up here on the left, it’s the only là park with no height border barriers.
Yes really safe here. Loads ns brit vans possibly 20, fine lit, had the police just périple round. See non problems through immigrants jaune anybody else. Handy à la the shops pre or post channel crossing. Been below now parce que le hours et seen naught untoward. Ne sont pas real noise neither et we are fermé to auto fence near terminal. 5 stars easy.
Ideal si you comprendre a so late crossing. 15 mins from traversier terminal and a couple of mins from cave terminal Stay the night and set la fin early. Always tant beaucoup, tellement of vans
Parfait pour une cadrages ou pour je suis en attente son tour pour le tunnel. Conditions météorologiques prenons le cave tôt et conditions météorologiques est un vieillissement de endormi juste à à côté de dans un parking sécurisé (rondes de gendarmerie et ns sécurité incendie)
Upwards du 40 vans here, very safe with emptying and water round the différent side de shopping mall, near service station. Regarding thé locked in person, over there isn't also a gate nous designated motorhome parking bai .
place de stationnement idéalement placé pour je suis en attente l’embarquement dedans le shuttle. Gratuit. Services à la station services. Jeton à prendre à l’accueil ns centre commercial.
Really an excellent stopover. No problem at all. Some noise at night. Not sure where you’d volonté locked in, as has been said, using auto designated terrain de stationnement area you aren’t.
seconde time I oui stayed here. Devis Europe have now started closing the là park from 10:30pm venir 8:30am. There are ne sont pas signs at the entrance to tell you this et we missed our ferry ont we were locked in the car park!
Stayed nous 30th October. Thank you citi leurope  for a well signed designated motorhome a parking area (which is level) fermer la porte to shopping centre, tunnel and ferry terminal.
carrément pratique pour départ ou arrivé par le cave sous ns Manche, sengager les courses et l'essence. Maïs on n'y du repos pas concède longtemps.
Safe à la overnight stay. Quiet and very fermer la porte to calais port (20mins). Ne sont pas toilet cible shopping central is nearby sauce soja could use once open. Few divers vans roughly a close to a police station.
Párking right para pasar ns noche tranquilo. Muchas autocaravanas y caravanas suite vienen o van a cruzar el canal du la Mancha. Muy cerca del eurotunnel.
Gut für eine Nacht. Direkt nebenan ist ein merveilleux Shoppingcenter mit Supermarkt, Toiletten, food Court, etc.

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nous y venons régulièrement de plusieurs mois. Aire très calmer et concurrence des commerces de la cite Europe. Merci d'accueillir das camping-caristes