I ran right into this attractive infographic over conditions météorologiques Reddit that asserted that tu could fit tous the planets du the Solar system within the average supprimer between thé Earth and the Moon.

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I’d honestly never heard this stat before, et it’s pretty amazing comment well they tightly ajuster together.

But ns thought it would it is in a good idea venir doublecheck auto math, seulement to be absolutely certain. Je pulled ma numbers native NASA’s Solar system Fact Sheets, et they’re a au sens propre different native the original infographic, but close enough that the comparison is encore valid.

PlanetAverage Diameter (km)

The average distance from the earth to thé Moon is 384,400 km. And check cette out, the leaves nous with 4,392 km to spare.

So what could we aller with thé rest du that distance? Well, we could obviously fit Pluto into that slot. It’s approximately 2,300 km across. I m sorry leaves nous about 2,092 km to jouer with. Conditions météorologiques could ajuster one an ext dwarf earth in there (not Eris though, also big).

The remarkable Wolfram-Alpha have the right to make this calculation pour you automatically: le total diameter of the planets. Although, this includes thé diameter of sol too.

A nod to CapnTrip on Reddit for posting this.

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8 Replies to “You can Fit tous the Planets Between auto Earth et the Moon”

JokerAlpha says:
October 25, 2014 at 5:42 pm

That leave around 500km between each planet si one is venir line them increase between thé earth and the moon. That is like an afternoon drive.

proknoi says:
October 25, 2014 at 7:01 afternoon


So I’m getting various numbers.Diameter of Planets in (Km)Mercury 4879Venus 12104Mars 6792Jupiter 142984Saturn 120536Uranus 51118Neptune 49528Pluto 2390

Average distance from surface of sol to auto surface de the Moon 384400 Km. So 384400-4879=379521.379521-12104=367417367417-6792=360625360625-142989=217641217641-120356=9710597105-51118=4598745987-49528=-3541-3541-2390=-5931

So, the final subtraction shows that there is no enough pièce between Earth et the Moon. Also with thé surfaces de each world touching.

I did some fact checking antérieur à posting. Yes, some numbers space different, both web links are indigenous NASA, both are recent publishings, marqué the Curators space different. Ma link come straight from auto curator ns the NASA Goddard an are Flight Center. When the op link comes from auto NASA website.

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