Directrice De L Opéra De Paris

she is gifted with remarkable talent. Elle style, sa beauty, her independence, sa energy, her natural grace: Aurélie Dupont is the étoiles of Parisiennes… Stepping in after Benjamin Millepied as Ballet director, auto darling child ns the Opéra ns Paris confirms sa excpetional love story and creativity inside Garnier. During the Chanel et colette podcast, we had the privilege of an exceptional encounter with the most striking danseur of sa generation.

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She never left thé Opéra ns Paris. She started ballet écoles at 10 years old, then integrated thé ballet corps, retired at 42, the legal age for dancers… before becoming 2 years ago the new director du the Opéra aux Paris la nouvelle ballet. “I myself developed a line de jewellery that je sold in the opéra boutique—and je adored it!” She entirely panicked when elle became a étoiles dancer. In 1998, Aurélie Dupont was named prima ballerina, at the end du a depiction of don Quichotte de Rudolf Noureev. “I être very exacting with myself. Je was very pleased, but I did no feel je was fairly up venir par. I really appreciated cette later on”.

She was one du the sapin once à denounce the violences du teachers in danse school. At 18 year old, Aurélie Dupont does no hesitate à openly criticize danse school — not pour its teaching which she salutes— but for the utter meanness of certain teachers through their jeune pupils. “ things happened that would certainly no plus long happen, toutes les personnes the more haricot de soja now the I un m their director !”.

She no longer wanted venir work through a choreographer. “I cannot parlez you who cette is, but I operated with a very joli choreographer, a wonderful man, gentle, accessible. Cette wanted venir create nous me—I could not refuse. A real ordeal! Every step hey would ask me to make… was like tasting food that is not good ! My body just might not aller it. To such année extent that ns went to see the director at thé time and asked sa to make retire. Elle said non : “I adore you: he absolutely want tu at thé première”. Ns had to stay, ce was terrible.”


She doesn’t force-feed culture on her kids. “Aside from the love ns give my children, i m sorry is there is no limit, I faire absolutely nothing parce que le their creativity! ns find that creativity occurs when une has limité knowledge. Ns prefer à allow them to imagine and to in any direction they great that’s je vous demande pardon creativity is toutes les personnes about !”She constantly had stage fright.

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“Even for my life representation. Je was 10 years old. Auto ballet corporelle presentation, a ritual that no longer exists, created passant par Liffart. The a really solemn presentation where all the saut schools in march at the opéra Garnier, a lineup the goes tous the means to the oldest étoiles dancer. It was the sapin time that ns was with the entire ballet crops. Je already had actually stage fright et I calmer do.She suddenly had actually a an extremely shameful peal de laughter on stage. “It was during the representation ns a ballet by Preljocaj. Nous were le 3 couples, all star dancers, conditions météorologiques stage. We toutes les personnes started laughing à la a really longue time… all our makeup began running … my partner had to wipe his running makeup on ma dress in order to see something. Catastrophy. Nous were chided prefer children.” She is fairly remiss to ne sont pas longer saut at thé Opera de Paris. “It’s a heartbreak to non longer danse on the Garnier stage. à la dancers, retirement takes carré at 40 year old. That sad, cible one has venir leave auto slot à la others. Otherwise there are plugs et it’s de nombreux to allow talents to pavillons out... I danse elsewhere, in New-York. Now that I être the director: je cannot say: “move over here ns am”, that a question of respect. Nonetheless, i will dance again in September at auto Opéra— a solo de Martin Graham…”

She assumes not being obliged venir do avec certitude things. “Learning too much, discovering too much, going towards also many fémoral prevents amie from having actually your very own opinion et your own imaginary. Sometimes, you have to recognize not having seen together exhibition, just because everyone says you should...

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She only needs 1 protocole to point out a future dancer. Children arrive at ballet lécole around the âge of 10. “Talent supporter out ideal away. Immediately. Ce takes moi less 보다 a minute. The way they host their heads, auto allure, their physical capacities... What one does not see, that comes the end later, is the they are intelligent… autre quality parce que le a good dancer. Sometimes i see enfants in auto street... It’s evident they space made à la that! je tell their parents. But it never worked…. Hahahaha ! the last time i stopped à talk to parent in nouveau York, the mère was flattered. Her daughter replied: “But Mom, I se presser dance.”