About BTXR

Sample imageBTXR is a premiere personal training facility geared to transform your life!  BTXR (Black Tiger Xtreme Regiment) is the brainchild of Del Ali Rawlings aka The Guru.  He has mastered several types of training styles from all over the world meshing Military fitness, Fighting Arts, Defensive Tactics and cutting edge Fitness Training into his program. Guru has developed a sure-fire regiment for great health, sports enhancement, weight management and self-defense.  At the BTXR there is an atmosphere of doing and being, not hoping and wishing, when it comes to achieving goals.

The BTXR fitness regiment was created in 1987 as an accelerated training regiment of repetitions and a variety of proven, effective training techniques from martial arts, boxing, military and certified fitness training. The training, knowledge, and discipline of our Cadre is unparalleled.  At the BTXR you will be mentored on certain health and fitness strategies such as how to condense a four hour workout into a 90 minute time frame,  thus speeding up your results. The secret is in the distribution and regiment.

Our regiment has been designed to get you in shape faster than any other program.  BTXR fitness uses a three tier system of nutrition, supplementation and fitness training to help you achieve your goals.  All three tiers are monitored by our trainers on a monthly basis.

We offer training for all! Come to the BTXR and be the best you that you have ever been!


Drive On and Do Good!


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