The Guru


Del Ali Rawlings (Guru), is a former U.S. Army Ranger, Louisiana Police Officer and Filipino Combative Arts Grand Master,who has traveled extensively and developed his skills with some of the greatest fighting artists and fitness specialists in the world.

A native of Baltimore, Guru Rawlings has been teaching Xtreme fitness training since 1986 and has shared his skills with scores of students. Meshing his experience in Military fitness, Martial Arts workouts, Body Building, Fit to Fight and Kick Boxing regiments, he has formed one of the most unique fitness/training organizations in the nation.

Guru Rawlings is dedicated to bringing out the maximum potential of his Clients with mind boggling speed. Guru continues to offer some of the most cutting-edge classes in the country and changes peoples lives for the better! His motto “ Drive on and do Good” simply means continue on pass the opposition or physical exhaustion. Obstacles shall not stop you from your goals.




Although you will usually see Guru Rawlings walking around with a spray bottle in hand telling people to push themselves even harder , he respects his clients’ privacy and will only discuss their progress confidentially.

But did you know that behind the scenes he is monitoring each and every one of his clients records like a hawk?

He keeps track of your personal body statistics, fitness test results, and personal goal progression.  Thus preparing to increase your regiment for maximum success at maximum speed!



Drive On and Do Good!


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